A Letter from the Younger Me

HARK! What is this? A forgotten missive I wrote to myself ten years ago? So it is. Yes, on January 1, 1990, soon after midnight, I and a few of my other friends wrote letters to ourselves for the year 2000. Imagine! Such foresight for young whippersnappers! Robbyn collected and kept the letters, then brought them with her to our Grand Lake Y2K gathering (photos of which can be seen by clicking the Gen X Y2K picture at the bottom).

Melting Happy

The letter turned out to be very shallow, so it is with great pleasure that I present it here, for everyone to see. Note particularly the oomph with which I evade any predictions whatsoever about the future. Clever, eh?


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Melting Happy

Old Man Wren

January 20, 2000
©2000 Steven Lekowicz