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So did I mention I got a Star Wars Trivia day-by-day calendar from Jackie? Well, I did. And at first it was lots of fun because it started off with several days of questions from the first and true Star Wars movies.

Then the questions started inching into Episode I and II territory. For instance, this from yesterday:

What is the name of the Magistrate for the Corporate Alliance in Attack of the Clones?

A) Wat Tambor
B) Passel Argente
C) Ask Aak
D) Poggle the Lesser

For questions like this, there should always be a fifth choice:

E) Who the fuck cares?

You see, while the original Star Wars movies have earned their place in the hall of legendary films and thus are allowed to spawn such questions as “What model of blaster does Han Solo wield?” the new movies are so mediocre that they only deserve to be included in a trivia calendar with questions such as, “What kind of hat was the balloon vendor wearing in the park scene in Maid in Manhattan?” or “What important tool did Conrad lose in the jungle in Anaconda 2?”

The people who would know the answer to the Attack of the Clones question are the kind of people who so desperately desire a constant expansion of the Star Wars universe to satiate their Trekkie-like hunger that they are willing to overlook the below sub-par quality of the new movies and embrace anything George secretes from his atrophied imagination.

Ouch! Acerbic much?

(The answer to the trivia question, BTW, is B. The answer to the above questions is, sadly, yes.)


John Expounded Thusly:

I have no comment about this.

Except to say, you may be tempted (I hope you will be) to reconsider your thoughts after May 19.

One day, I will rant more about how terrible Disney is. Heh.

Friday, January 21st, 2005 • 7:19pm • Permalink

Rodney Expounded Thusly:

Very interesting, Steve. You hit on something very interesting – why, indeed, would anyone care about the newest characters in the SW movies? The first trilogy (not counting the teddy bear laden Return of the Jedi) was epic in nature and you liked and cared about the characters. Perhaps, limited budgets and no CGI makes for better films because One (i.e. Mr Lucas) must rely on good storytelling with effective drama from human actors. It will be interesting to see if Anakin’s transformation to Vader is the least bit dramatic and interesting.

As for Disney, John – thanks to the 40th Anniversary of Mary Poppins, I have been digging up information on what P.L. Travers thought of the Disney-fied version of her books. She was, for the most part, not happy with what “Mr. Disney” did, but she didn’t want to speak out after Walt died (that would just be rude). She apparently was not thrilled with what he did to any of the classic fairy tales also. She was particularly distressed that Mary Poppins danced a can-can on the roof – not because the character wouldn’t do such a thing, but because she lifted her skirt and showed her knickers to all the world.

Friday, January 21st, 2005 • 7:50pm • Permalink

John Expounded Thusly:

And it almost got Mary Poppins a PG-13.

Except that there were no ratings back then. 😉

Isn’t the DVD swell?!

Friday, January 21st, 2005 • 8:05pm • Permalink

John Expounded Thusly:

I watched Poppins again yesterday while preparing food for a brunch we hosted today. Corny as it sounds, I think that may be close to a perfect movie.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005 • 5:34pm • Permalink

Steve Expounded Thusly:

For those of you who do not know, John and I have debated the relevance and quality of the last two Star Wars movies (Eps. I und II) ad infinitum. I I think and sometimes agree with his comments on how horrible Disney is! So I will move on now to say:

Mary Poppins is one of my favorites. I have had the DVD sitting on my trunk-cum-coffee table, and I am dying to watch it! To be fair, I have never read the books, so I do not have anything to compare the movie with. I know authors rarely, even today, like the movies made of their books. Who can blame them? Moviemakers tend to take liberties that are at times questionable in their validity and intelligence; while the book might be perfectly translatable to the screen, directors and producers, making corporate decisions, can muck it all up.

BUT! There are also so many good movies made of good books as well! I suppose like anything, it depends on the abilities of the artists involved in the filmmaking process.

So to sum up: I love chocolate cake.

Monday, January 24th, 2005 • 10:16am • Permalink

Rodney Expounded Thusly:

Miss Travers was aghast at the changes from book to film, but she knew this was going to happen – especially going with Disney and a musical. The change is mostly in tone – Mary Poppins isn’t quite so stern (i.e. harsh). However, I think it translated beautifully into the Disney musical.

Monday, January 24th, 2005 • 1:13pm • Permalink

Ms Poppins Expounded Thusly:

You do mean Mrs. Travers, do you not?

Monday, January 24th, 2005 • 8:46pm • Permalink

Miss Rodney Manners Expounded Thusly:

Miss Travers never married…Perhaps it should be Ms. Travers?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005 • 6:40am • Permalink

The Wren Forum » Grow Up Expounded Thusly:

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 • 12:00pm • Permalink • This is a Pingback


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