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Here is one of the most surprising, fascinating reviews of Brokeback Mountain I have yet seen: says it is “a site of film appreciation, information, and criticism informed by Christian faith.” You’d think the movie would bash Brokeback Mountain. And, indeed, at first glance the reviewer gives the movie an “F” for “overall recommendability.”

Yet …

Read the review.

Go ahead. Read it now. Seriously. Then come back to this.

I mean it:


Now that you’re back, is it not possible that this shows, in some ways, that at least some conservatives might be coming around to the idea that love is good, even if you don’t understand it? Keep in mind, most of his objections revolve not around the idea of a gay romance, but of marital infidelity.

In some ways, this review has left me reeling.

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Rodney Expounded Thusly:

I have to say…I really didn’t like “Brokeback Mountain” at all. I hoped I would and it’s such a conundrum since gay themed films by gay men are usually bad (the low budget is, I suspect, often to blame) and Hollywood gay themed films are even worse (“In and Out” and “The Birdcage” for example (shudder). I really wanted to like it, but I couldn’t. I’m not sure if I am just too cynical these days about romance or there really wasn’t any in the film. I suspect there wasn’t any. Nor was there a genuine emotion from any of the characters. Actually, I was rather offended at their “first time” up on the mountain. It was a violent scene, which felt more like a rape than a romantic encounter. If I want to see the “harsh” realities of man to man sex (is any sex really “pretty” to look at?), there is porn. This was, I thought, a love story. Most of the story felt like one stereotype after another. Frankly, I saw neither passion nor affection between these two selfish characters. Of course, it was in a different time well before gay liberation became a popular thing (gay stereotype #29C).

The only scene I felt any emotion for was Ennis finding his shirt hanging hidden in the closet with Jack’s (oh, great…another closet reference – stereotype #46B – yawn). That scene did, however, make me think “oh, Ennis did care about Jack after all – NOW THAT HE’S DEAD.” If Hollywood wants to really be brave, show a real loving gay couple. This rehash of gay stereotypes called “Brokeback Mountain” just felt flat and dull. I suppose it’s a good thing so many (straight) people are flocking to the film. The theater I was in was mostly straight couples (or boys and their hags…sterotype #77Q) and older women (all those gay grandsons ya’ know…)

A friend of mine said he saw the movie also this past weekend and it stayed with him all weekend. It certainly didn’t affect me…I was disappointed. I expected more. Sigh. I want to see a real love story between two men.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 • 11:08am • Permalink


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