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Instead of posting a well-written entry about the new MacBooks out today, why not share with you an IM with Jimmy? It is much more revealing. And embarrassing in how it demonstrates my complete absorption with pretty much any new thing Apple releases.

* * * * * *

10:06 AM


I am paging through now. Oooooo!

THough the glossy screen? Disaster!

haha.. it’s funny i dind’t even have to say what i was eluding to

I know!

yes, i do agree… glossy screen, bad

But so far they look nice. The keyboard looks cool, with the keys all separated.

No latch?

I haven;t even checked out the Apple site yet!

where ar eyou looking then?

10:10 AM

i hope they come out with a black iMac!

I’m reading the news sites.


Yes, I’ll bet a black iMac is in the works.

you think


And I hope they do a 13" PowerBook. (I hate MacBook Pro!) I love my 12" and I’d hate to have to bump up to a 15" when I upgrade.

i need a desktop… i have my laptop, and it’s great

Yeah, if I could justify having both, AND keep them synced somehow, I’d love a desktop.

But I’m too used to taking my laptop with me on almost every trip now.

And it was plenty fast until 10.4!

And it may be slower now, but it still works perfectly well.

10:15 AM


i take my laptop everywhere

so the new macbooks are basically imacs inside

same specs

the glossy screen is optional

Oh, and the MacBooks, too? Good. I saw that for the Pros.

For show situations, having a glossy screen is bad!

oh… i’m confused… i thought that was for the macbooks

grrr… there’s not enough destinctino between the names

nevermind… the macbooks have glossy screens

10:20 AM

I have to wonder why that’s such a selling point?

Everyone’s been mentioning it like it’s some kind of wonderful feature.

I must be missing something.


that’s true

i hate glossy

Oh, I did not know you could send SMS via Address Book!

they put the usb ports on the left side still… that’s annoying

I’ve been using another app.

so if you use an external mouse, the cord has to loop around

WHy the left side?

Oh, yes.

10:25 AM

how do you send sms through address book?

Well, I saw it on their site, and I see the option greyed out when you right-click on a number.

But maybe it’s ’cause my phone isn’t connected right now…

Oh, I see. You click the Bluetooth button in Address Book.


10:30 AM

Oh, and you can log received messages in Address Book! It stores it in Notes.


I bet there won’t be a 13" PowerBook.

It loks like they’ve got the bases covered.

13" for the MacBooks, 15" and 17" for the Pros.

they have to come out with one more size for the macbooks, i would think… no?

You’d think…

Oh, and the MacBooks use that silly Intel on-chip video, sharing the RAM!

No dedicated vid card.

interesting… so what does that mean

Well, a separate video card has its own RAM, so it does all the video on its own.


The on in the MacBook shares memory with the OS.

Which, I’ve heard, anyway, is less desirable.

that’ll kink up the processing and the video feedback

It definitely means that if you have a 1GB RAM chip, a WHOLE HUGE WHOPPING 64MB is used for video!

So it’s not too much.

I think I’ll have to wait and read some test reviews.


But conceptually, it’s not the best solution.

10:45 AM

I’m gonna post this chat on my blog!

It’s perfect for showing off the geekery

what chat?

This one!

oh, nonono…


* * * * * *

You know, I started writing a little thing here about the text color formatting in this post, but it got so long and had nothing to do with this post in the end that I made it it’s own posting! Read it if you love explanations for things no one ever pays attention to.

Now, go enjoy looking at the new MacBooks! Now! Go!


Steve Expounded Thusly:

Interestingly, the blogosphere (can one at once love and be slightly nauseated by a word?) is already a-buzz regarding some of the items Jimmy and I mentioned.

TUAW on shiny screens. (Read the comments, too.)

“Phil Schiller” (or, really, some PR guy writing for Phil Schiller) on discussing, among other things, the glossy screens.

And of course, there are already the obligatory unpacking shots. Look at that: Apple even makes the Styrofoam beautiful!

Note in these black MacBook shots how the glossy screen shows off light sources with annoying clarity.

And, finally, a long story about good Apple support. Yes, the guy had to go through hell trying to use a non-American credit card, but he has nothing for praise about Apple support. Oh, and I need to point out to him that the no second button thing the Apple Store employee was talking about is, indeed, true. The Mighty Mouse does sense when you’re making a right click. Though not in the granola terms the employee used.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 • 1:12pm • Permalink

Steve Expounded Thusly:

Here’s more on the glossiness of the MacBook screen, including some better pics of how reflective they are. Ugh!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 • 8:33am • Permalink

Steve Expounded Thusly:

Then, of course, as with any new Apple product, there’re the photos of its disassembly.

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 • 2:14pm • Permalink


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