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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 9th, 2006

Dinner and drinks at The Algonquin with Marcy and Chuck. Michelle and Alan not pictured.

Apple Glass Cube Tech Mecca

You knew I HAD to come here…

(I also discovered my posts weren’t posting, so I’m fixing them on one of the black MacBooks in the store. Weee. Couldn’t you just wriggle with excitement?)

This plane to New York is bizarre… First and Business Classes take up two-thirds of the plane. Beyond the bulkhead toward the back of the picture lie three rows of first class and the cockpit. Only 36 seats total before you get to coach.

United P.S. Plane Front

Economy Class is tiny, and it’s all Economy Plus. The bulkhead at the back of this picture is pretty much the back of the plane. This whole change of format has got of spooked. And we get food! What freaky alternate universe is this?

United P.S. Plane Back

UPDATE: We also were on one of these planes on the return trip. Turns out this is a United P.S. plane. I think it means Premium Service, but who knows? It’s a special services between specific cities where they charge you more for legroom that used to be standard and service that also used to be standard. The weird layout is not standard, but it sure made disembarking the plane very fast. Somehow they let me use my normal 25,000 miles to book this flight for free. Strange.

Do Not Throw Foreign Objects Into Urinals

Off to NYC. This is my parting gift.