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Well, that’s how it goes.

I did not get the check for my Disney stock sale until yesterday, which means I couldn’t deposit it until today, which means the funds won’t be available for a day or two.

In the meantime, meaning yesterday, Apple announced astounding quarterly profits and a large boost to its Mac sales. This morning, their stock is $10 up from this time last week, which is $10 over my self-set buying price.

So what now? Sit on my money until the price goes back down? The price is not going to go back down. Not to what it was last week. Not for a long while, anyway. That was a rare, rare situation that may not come back for at least a year. I can’t keep the money in my savings account that long. It’ll trickle away to pay bills and such.

It’s incredibly frustrating that I had to wait for the wheels of the financial world to get into gear so I could get at the money I needed to make the purchase I knew would be a good idea, and that that waiting has since destroyed my plan. However, it is comforting to know that my instincts were correct and that, had I indeed had the funds immediately available, I would have made a very smart purchase.

Apple is still set to announce some great stuff the second half of this year. Is it still worth buying, even at this price? Or have I truly missed the boat on this one? Darn it. This has turned from a sure thing into a gamble. I did not withdraw that moolah to gamble with it.

Makes the line my character in Madwoman says even funnier to me now: “Money sticks to me like a mustard plaster. Like on the Exchange. If you buy a stock, it goes down like a plummet, but if I buy a stock, it turns around and soars like an eagle. If I buy at thirty-three, it goes to twenty thousand! That’s how I bought my twelve chateaux, my twenty villas, my 234 farms. That’s how I endow the Opera and keep my twelve ballerinas.”

Well, that’s how it goes.

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