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I must be the last person in the universe to have seen this, but in case I’m not, and you are, here’s OK Go’s excellent video for their really catchy song, “Here It Goes Again.”

If you enjoyed that—how could you have not?—you can see some other videos at the OK Go site. The one for “A Million Ways” is another extremely fun dance vid.


The Wren Forum » More Icon Clutter Expounded Thusly:

[…] Enough of that, then. Since I seem to have preempted my previous post, which was much more amusing and worthwhile, I shall send you there now. Go! Go to my previous post!

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 • 4:50pm • Permalink • This is a Pingback

The Wren Forum » Bruce Tinsley is an Idiot Expounded Thusly:

What a busy day for posts. And though this will once again preempt the hilarious OK Go treadmill video, I have to say something. […]

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 • 11:15pm • Permalink • This is a Pingback


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