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I received some comments today that prove just how ignorant and mean some people are. And how bad they are at spelling and grammar. Or constructing a cohesive or persuasive argument.

Instead of just letting the comments languish back under the original posts, here they are, at the front of the Forum, for everyone to read. Please feel free to go defend me, either there or here!

Regarding my first Mallard Fillmore is Unfunny post, this:

this is the most obsurd thing i have ever hear.
bruce tinsley could quite possibly be one of the funniest men to ever write a comic strip.
it might be because you are a liberal and you can’t get real humor, but rather wait for liberal newscasters and celebrities to tell you what is funny.
and as for your flawed logic, that is what is really funny. if someone takes a baby hostage, that is their fault if the baby is killed, bottom line.
you are a bleeding heart liberal and you treat terrorists as poor souls who have been wronged and need special treatment.
in case you didn’t know terrorists are called terrorists because the create fear and terrorize innocent people.
i can only imagine if someone like you ran this country.
you would probably take all the money from people who earned it and give it to people who sit on their asses all day.

Then, regarding my second Mallard Fillmore is Unfunny post, this:

gays should be treated well as all other people, yes.
but that doesn’t mean that they should be able to “marry” if you want to call it that.
if someone told me i wouldn’t be able to marry a woman i wouldn’t freak out and call it a huge deal. i would just be with that person for the rest of my life as if i were married.
gays just like to over react.
and as for the abortion thing.
calling killing a human a CHOICE is stupid.
your mom should have CHOSEN to have aborted you.
and mallard fillmore is still hilarious.

What’s so funny about this person’s comments is that they reinforce my arguments. I don’t have to say anything else! But I will.

Notice how the comments have no subtlety, no examination of facts or details. I often concede a point or two in my original posts, because nothing is black and white. But this person can’t even grasp black and white. Only white. And then he or she doesn’t even understand white. It’s pretty sad.

When one’s arguments rest on phrases such as, “your mom should have CHOSEN to have aborted you,” one should realize one’s an idiot. And to give me a definition of terrorist when I already talk about that in the post is, needless to say, stupid. All I can do is smack my hand to my forehead and think to myself, “This is the kind of ignoramus that thinks our government is doing a good job, even though our government is, by this own commenter’s standards, itself a terrorist organization.”

Oh, what fun. Anyone else who can’t string two words together want to comment?

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