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Welcome to The Wren Forum! While the Forum is a way for me to post anything my little ol’ heart desires, it’s also a place for others to speak out, too. It’s a forum in blog form. Perhaps you’d like to call it a “flog” or a “borum.” Or perhaps not.

While everyone is allowed to write comments, ambitious folks who want to write actual posts will have to register. Registration is annoying, I know, but it will help alleviate spamming and hijackings. It also allows you to edit or delete (!) your own rants and receive e-mail alerts when someone comments on your posts. (NOTE: I have turned of registration thanks to a glut of spam registrations. When WordPress offers a way t manage registrations, I’ll turn it back on.)

Check out the FAQ page to find out more of the intimate and sundry details about posting to the Wren Forum.

Be sure to subscribe to the Wren Feeds RSS links to be alerted anytime a new post or comment is added to The Wren Forum. If that’s simply too much information for you, just choose any of the other, simpler, more laser-focused RSS feeds on the left side of the site. If you don’t know what RSS is, never mind. Go back to your butter churn.

While commenting is a great way to communicate with me, a time may arise when you’d prefer to e-mail. In that case, send e-mail to a dot stevelek dot 003 at mac dot com (where, need I say it, dot is .). Be sure to put the word “wrenz” in the subject, or the mail will be sucked away into spam land forever and ever.



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