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"Troy" sucks. How can I say that more concisely? "Troy" is monkey poop. Although I must say I laughed quite a lot during the movie, particularly when Hector says to his wife, "If I die, do you remember what I told you?" That’s not so funny in and of itself (although the way Eric Bana delivers the line is amusing) — what had me laughing is that the film is so bad I kept adding my own "MST3K" lines (only in my head, of course), and I heard his wife answering, "Of course I remember: ‘Righty tighty, lefty loosy.’"

That pretty much seems the most important thing anyone can say before they die, anyway.

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Hi… you have a nice site………
congratulations for it 🙂

Am I a handsome dog, or what?

[Sadly, the picture that once accompanied this post has been lost into the jaws of time. Unless John wants to re-post it… —Ed.]

I wanted to put a picture of one of our dogs on here, but the file is too big and I am too tired or too dumb or too both to figure out which program to use to edit it. It will have to wait.

I tried to post a message earlier, but the picture file was too big and you denied me. Yes, you.

Jeff and I had a fight tonight. A big one. Unlike any we’ve had in three years. Uh-oh. I don’t feel so good about that. I guess things could be worse; I could have had to sit through the Americanized "Office," too.

What did you guys do to me? I read Matt’s blog today. I’ve never read a blog before. I’m posting another message here. I am becoming a cyber geek. Next, I’ll go to Ain’t It Cool and start ranting against George. Sheesh!

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I got to see the American pilot for The Office last night.


Another failure for American television! We just can’t get those British shows right out here. Why, oh, WHY do we bother?

Why do I now feel obligated to write on this thing, Steve?

I bought some art today. Yes, art. Actual art. Not a litho, not a repro, but a piece of paper upon which some guy smeared gouache and pastels. It’s hanging in my "dining room" where I eat my Lucky Charms and ramen, on a wall adjacent to another wall where a nicely framed collection of 20th Century Fox DVDs tries to look gallery-worthy.

I hope the real art is not disappointed in its new home.

I love this site. I don’t know why – perhaps it’s because the owner has a more interesting life than I do, is better looking than I am, and can use big words such as "Ebullience" at the drop of a hat. The movie reviews are quite nice as well. Keep up the good work. I tell all of my friends to check out your site – and she did….

There’s something about being the first one here. No matter what happens from here on out, no matter who else comes along, no matter how different someone else’s post may feel, I’ll always be here because I was the first. No one can take that away.


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I’m done. Have fun. But not too much, because, after all, America’s at WAR!