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Exit ArchiveArchive for May 25th, 2004

Am I a handsome dog, or what?

[Sadly, the picture that once accompanied this post has been lost into the jaws of time. Unless John wants to re-post it… —Ed.]

I wanted to put a picture of one of our dogs on here, but the file is too big and I am too tired or too dumb or too both to figure out which program to use to edit it. It will have to wait.

I tried to post a message earlier, but the picture file was too big and you denied me. Yes, you.

Jeff and I had a fight tonight. A big one. Unlike any we’ve had in three years. Uh-oh. I don’t feel so good about that. I guess things could be worse; I could have had to sit through the Americanized "Office," too.

What did you guys do to me? I read Matt’s blog today. I’ve never read a blog before. I’m posting another message here. I am becoming a cyber geek. Next, I’ll go to Ain’t It Cool and start ranting against George. Sheesh!

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I got to see the American pilot for The Office last night.


Another failure for American television! We just can’t get those British shows right out here. Why, oh, WHY do we bother?

Why do I now feel obligated to write on this thing, Steve?