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Sorry about the double post. You can delete it. The first thing I tried to write was rejected as being “either too long or too short.” Then it didn’t appear after I clicked “submit.” So I clicked “submit” again. Sorry.

By the way, the show was “Beautiful and Damned,” an alleged musical based on the lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I can now say I have walked out on two live musicals in my life — and the first was “Seussical: The Musical.” Yes, a serious musical about F. Scott Fitzgerald is on par with “Seussical: The Musical.” I should have gone to see “The Goat.”.

Why is it that you can carry your camera around all day and not really get anything interesting — then when something truly noteworthy happens, you don’t have it on you? I met up with a friend today for “a drink,” which ended up being four hours of walking around London — and not once did I use my camera.

Went back to the hotel, dropped stuff off, decided to go see a show … and figured, what the heck, I won’t need my camera for a show. I walk down to Piccadilly and notice that there are hoardes of people lining the streets; not the regular teeming masses of London, but something different. Ten minutes later, I ask someone what’s going on, and they tell me the Olympic torch is making its way through London. And that it will be here ANY MINUTE.

Not enough time to go back to the hotel, too much time to just sit there and wait. So I walk on a few minutes further until I hit the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus (not literally hitting it, of course) and two minutes later … there it is. The torch. I got to glimpse it for 10 seconds or so as a creepy-looking strawberry blond British guy ran with it, and that was it. It lives only in my memory.

So there IS such a thing as spam postings! Wow. I’m gonna have to figuire out how to prevent those. I can block IPs, but not hosts. Damn. I’m mad at the people who send spam, and I’m mad at the people who are dumb enough to buy stuff from spammers to make it worth their while.

I just accidentally deleted a nice comment from somebody. However, their homepage was a pharmacy drug site. So maybe it was a spam posting. Who knows? Sorry if it was legit, and not really sorry if it wasn’t.

To answer my own question from a couple days ago, I was not foolish. Though it delayed the finality of the breakup a bit. Strange. It was the most prolonged breakup I’ve ever experienced. Now I’m sad in a very calm, thoughtful way. A Zen sadness. But this, like candy in a nice assortment box, shall end.

In another note, I saw a friend in the play Wit Saturday night. I have never experienced a performance so moving by a friend of mine. I think it was more moving for me because, though I know her and could see very well that was her on stage, she inhabited the role so perfectly that I cried despite it. I cried silently and in a manly way, of course *AHEM!* Susie, I am in awe of your talent.

What an emotional weekend! I’m pooped.

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As of two hours ago, it’s officially summer. Happy summer! I’ve spent most of the longest day of the year doing laundry and watching TiVo. Must be why I’m getting fatter and fatter and fatter — I feel like Violet Beauregarde after chewing her “dinner gum.”

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So it’s over. What’s strange is that we’re still going through with our plans to hang out this weekend. Odd. I was going to say no, flat out, but I realized that after some crying, I was okay. I saw this coming. And I always knew we’d be better friends than lovers.

Foolish? Am I foolish? I’ll let you know later!

Not that I want to get you off the subject — but maybe it would be good. One more two-second review:

THE TERMINAL — Interminable.

Your last post sounds awful, Steve. I hope you are OK. Little dogs hate it when people their masters know aren’t feeling hopeful and fun.

My master went to a local Indian casino tonight. Now I am worried he won’t have money to buy me food this week. I may starve.

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I’m finding out why blogs are so popular. This is not technically a blog, but it’s close. So I can say that it’s so draining, so draining to try to keep a relationship going. Even when you can not see past the option of ending it, you still try.

If you still try so close to the end, there’s a glint of happiness in knowing that there is/was something there worth saving in the first place, and that you haven’t completely been had. Whether it ends well or not so much well, it was good to have had the opportunity in the first place.

Boy, THAT sounds morbid! Well, a little drama on this site will add flavor and dimension. Yum!

Two-second movie reviews for ya since you’ve been gone a while:

THE STEPFORD WIVES — Bum rap. Laugh-out-loud funny at times. What gives? See it.

HARRY POTTER — What’s he playing with under the sheets in the dark? Great effects. See it.

DAY AFTER TOMORROW — Just blow up the world already, Roland. Don’t see it.

My doctor has moved to a brand new medical office building. Very swanky (though shoddily finished). A huge parking lot goes with the digs. Yet they do not validate parking. So to avoid paying, I have to park somewhere out on the street and walk.

Oh, wah. I know, I have to walk. But what is the deal with parking in L.A.? Why is it such a boondoggle? Why is it so expensive? It would have cost me $2.25 to park during my visit today. How can that not be considered a rip-off? And what about the poor older people who can’t walk one or two blocks to the office and can’t afford medicine let alone frivolous parking expenses?

Visiting my doctor’s costing me $20 per visit now, and it’s just a slap in the face to have to pay more for parking. Is now a good time to mention how cool the London and Paris public transportation systems were?

Welcome back, weary traveler!

Were you on the ceiling when you took the picture of your hotel room on Day 11? Your trip sounds amazing…I love reading what you’ve been up to. Can I be your assistant on your next trip?

Ok, so is it me or do you just look like ur drunk off your ass from peas in that one pict !


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Bonjour! We are currently in the middle of the show, and this is the first time I’ve had a broadband connection since getting to France. So I am availing myself of this great opportunity to write here for no good reason whatsoever.

I am so tired from posting the Europe Live updates, but it’s addicting, and I can’t stop. I don’t want to, because I know if I do, I won’t start up again. And I’d never finish this project after getting back. So I figure the lack of sleep will be a good trade-off for having a nice “scrapbook” of the trip finished as soon as the trip is over.

I discovered they turned the A/C off in this booth because it was too noisy. Huh? I’m DYING, which is also a very noisy process if I make it so! Oh, I need a Cool Break.

DUDE! FearFactor is having auditions tomorrow ! for couples, friends, siblings, what not ! $50,000! I need you to be my exhuberant other half. Come fly to the US tonite! I’ll see you in the morning… no? awe.

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Damn, I would have loved to have seen the memorial…the gaudier the better!!!

Are you doing any work on this trip? It seems like you’re just having a lot of fun. I’m telling Disney on you!

While in London, will you please visit all the sites associated with Princess Diana and take pictures for me? Thanks! Also, when in Paris, will you go to the tunnel where she was killed and take pictures? Thanks!

I miss you, come back home!

What?!?! No Turners this trip? I know….they’re so “Old Tate”.

If you get a chance, try to eat at the restaurant in the crypt at St. Martin in the Fields. Yummy food and creepy ambience.

:kiss: to Bryon and Nadine.

I just wanted to mention how pleased I was to be part of the Hopper coincidence. After the whole mother/sister Barbara/Laura Steve Steve extraveganza died down around 1995, I thought my connection to the coincidences was over.

Then I bought a little book about a man named Hopper.

On to Paris? Enjoy the escargot, or, as I like to call them: FREEDOM SNAILS.