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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 8th, 2004

Ok, so is it me or do you just look like ur drunk off your ass from peas in that one pict !


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Bonjour! We are currently in the middle of the show, and this is the first time I’ve had a broadband connection since getting to France. So I am availing myself of this great opportunity to write here for no good reason whatsoever.

I am so tired from posting the Europe Live updates, but it’s addicting, and I can’t stop. I don’t want to, because I know if I do, I won’t start up again. And I’d never finish this project after getting back. So I figure the lack of sleep will be a good trade-off for having a nice “scrapbook” of the trip finished as soon as the trip is over.

I discovered they turned the A/C off in this booth because it was too noisy. Huh? I’m DYING, which is also a very noisy process if I make it so! Oh, I need a Cool Break.