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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 19th, 2004
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So it’s over. What’s strange is that we’re still going through with our plans to hang out this weekend. Odd. I was going to say no, flat out, but I realized that after some crying, I was okay. I saw this coming. And I always knew we’d be better friends than lovers.

Foolish? Am I foolish? I’ll let you know later!

Not that I want to get you off the subject — but maybe it would be good. One more two-second review:

THE TERMINAL — Interminable.

Your last post sounds awful, Steve. I hope you are OK. Little dogs hate it when people their masters know aren’t feeling hopeful and fun.

My master went to a local Indian casino tonight. Now I am worried he won’t have money to buy me food this week. I may starve.