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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 20th, 2004

I just accidentally deleted a nice comment from somebody. However, their homepage was a pharmacy drug site. So maybe it was a spam posting. Who knows? Sorry if it was legit, and not really sorry if it wasn’t.

To answer my own question from a couple days ago, I was not foolish. Though it delayed the finality of the breakup a bit. Strange. It was the most prolonged breakup I’ve ever experienced. Now I’m sad in a very calm, thoughtful way. A Zen sadness. But this, like candy in a nice assortment box, shall end.

In another note, I saw a friend in the play Wit Saturday night. I have never experienced a performance so moving by a friend of mine. I think it was more moving for me because, though I know her and could see very well that was her on stage, she inhabited the role so perfectly that I cried despite it. I cried silently and in a manly way, of course *AHEM!* Susie, I am in awe of your talent.

What an emotional weekend! I’m pooped.

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As of two hours ago, it’s officially summer. Happy summer! I’ve spent most of the longest day of the year doing laundry and watching TiVo. Must be why I’m getting fatter and fatter and fatter — I feel like Violet Beauregarde after chewing her “dinner gum.”