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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 26th, 2004

Sorry about the double post. You can delete it. The first thing I tried to write was rejected as being “either too long or too short.” Then it didn’t appear after I clicked “submit.” So I clicked “submit” again. Sorry.

By the way, the show was “Beautiful and Damned,” an alleged musical based on the lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I can now say I have walked out on two live musicals in my life — and the first was “Seussical: The Musical.” Yes, a serious musical about F. Scott Fitzgerald is on par with “Seussical: The Musical.” I should have gone to see “The Goat.”.

Why is it that you can carry your camera around all day and not really get anything interesting — then when something truly noteworthy happens, you don’t have it on you? I met up with a friend today for “a drink,” which ended up being four hours of walking around London — and not once did I use my camera.

Went back to the hotel, dropped stuff off, decided to go see a show … and figured, what the heck, I won’t need my camera for a show. I walk down to Piccadilly and notice that there are hoardes of people lining the streets; not the regular teeming masses of London, but something different. Ten minutes later, I ask someone what’s going on, and they tell me the Olympic torch is making its way through London. And that it will be here ANY MINUTE.

Not enough time to go back to the hotel, too much time to just sit there and wait. So I walk on a few minutes further until I hit the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus (not literally hitting it, of course) and two minutes later … there it is. The torch. I got to glimpse it for 10 seconds or so as a creepy-looking strawberry blond British guy ran with it, and that was it. It lives only in my memory.