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The Village may not only be the worst movie of the year, it may be one of the worst of the past decade.


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I love this! It’s a Mac fan’s sarcastic take on the Apple Product Cycle. If you keep up with Macs at all and have ever spent time on various Apple forums, you will appreciate this guy’s uncanny accuracy.


i’m the fifth one here since 69.


What are you talkin’ ’bout? We bumpkins ain’t dumb, just misunderstoooood.

Just awaiting Jeff’s return (finally!) tomorrow night. Meanwhile …

Now Reviews on the Side and a “Star Wars” movie have something in common — the acronym ROTS!

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1. it was funny i should clarify before i ruined it by adding the 70 th entry

apologies for that

2. but isn’t it wonderful that the owner of this site enjoys entry number 69?



69 of 69

[NOTE: This post and those that followed made much more sense on the old Wren Forum, where every entry had a number. Now do you get it? Heh heh. Ha ha. —Ed.]


It looks like my tweaking of the code to get the comments to flow better when pictures are present has caused a problem. It all looks great on a Mac (of course), but Windows screws everything up.

I’ll see what I can do about it later…

iPod silhouette ad

I have always found this iPod guy to be incredibly sexy.

He’s just a silhouette.

Feel free to razz and harangue at will.

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From David Melito’s cache of weird-ass crap come the following links:

Drive a Dodge and a Vagina

Drive a Winnebneg… FUCK!

Name the movie:

“Hang on lady — we’re going for a ride!”

I got the following e-mail at Yahoo! Personals. I’m not going to make fun of his English, because… Oh, okay, I guess posting it is making fun of it.

Hello from Russia!!!
My name is Aleksey. To me 27 years. I liked your structure and I want to get acquainted with you closer. I search long attitudes, a constancy, I want to find an output to my latent desires. If you want with me to get acquainted I shall send you the photo.

How delightful that a seeker of long attitudes is enamored with my structure!

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I am back, and am pleased to say that I was wrong! Though only partly.

In fact, the website is owned by a hardware company! So the site, really, has nothing to do with the word truth as it might be defined in the dictionary, but it is neither religious or political.

I also did a follow-up using the .org and .net versions of the address. Here are those results: is unclaimed! So hurry, folks, and grab it while it’s open!, however, is taken. And it is, with regret, that I am to inform you, that it is a site devoted to religion. It is also, really badly written, with an intriguing misuse, of commas.

That is the end of my experiment. Have a brainy day.

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I am conducting an experiment. I am going to type “” into my browser and see what happens. My postulate is this: The site will have nothing to do with truth and will instead be inhabited by something religious or political.

I’ll be back in a moment to post the results.

I wanted to post something today about the accident I saw happen on the way to work, about my stupid new obsession with RSS feeds, or about why I feel like I want to take a sabatical.

Instead, I will post this curiously honest bit of self-effacing trenchancy, which I found this evening on the underside of a beverage contest lid:

“This cap is not a winner.”

Did you figure out what the message meant?

I still hold to my opinion that “The Amazing Race” is the best show on TV (THE BEST!) but for best comedy, and judging only from one episode, I’d have to say the new winner is “Entourage” on HBO. Just finished watching the first show. Scary thing is how close I came to living that life with a few friends of mine — waaaaaaaaay too easy just to “hang” in L.A.! Funny, funny stuff, though — you’ll never look at the Matterhorn the same way again.

It’s now official. This is the longest that Jeff and I have been apart in more than three years (even when we were dating, we never went more than a few days without seeing each other). No, I take that back, *I* have been gone longer on business trips, but this is the longest that *he* has been gone.

Although I do find myself missing him an awful lot, I also am astonished at how productive solitude can be! This weekend, I have managed to get done almost my entire “to-do” list, with the exception of cleaning the dang bathrooms. Aargh. But I am proud of the fact that, with the exception of what I am wearing and he has with him, every single piece of clothing we own is clean! I also re-arranged the guest room, the master bedroom closet AND the living room. How boring a life do I lead? I won’t even tell you about the work I did on the lawn. But it was enough to exhaust me. Ready for bed!

Before Jeff decided to move down the real-estate route, we had planned to go to Florida for our almost-annual WDW trip. Even though we’ve canceled that trip, a DVD of Walt Disney World highlights came in the mail yesterday and I put it on while I did my chores. It makes me want to go again. Even though there are many places in the world that I’ve never been (and want to see), a Florida/Disney World vacation is my favorite. Yes, I’m a freak.

If you want to read about our last trip there, click on the homepage. It should put you to sleep.

Is this gonna be to us what “WE WERE ON A BREAK” was to Rachel and Ross?


I miss you.


Im just a smart ass…

Man, it sure is quiet with Jeff gone. Except for that damn squeaky toy Lucy obsessively plays with.

I’m usually the one that leaves — trips to different parts of the world, jaunts to L.A. The experience of being the one left behind is not what I anticipated. When do you go to bed? What time do you wake up? Who forces you to get going? Who is there to talk (or not talk) to? No, Steve, these are RHETORICAL questions, so there will be no answer following them … so don’t freak out about that horrible, trendy sentence structure. 😉

The guy is coming tomorrow to clean the carpets. It’s about time. I’ll go on an extra-long walk with the dogs while he does his work. And then I’ll come home to a quiet house again. Even watching movies isn’t quite as fun when you’re alone, is it? Damn, now I *really* feel isolated up here!

Things could be worse. I could be Martha.