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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 1st, 2004
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On Tuesday, I was enjoying yoga and dinner (not simultaneously) with my friend David and his new boyfriend Sean. I had never met Sean, and he was very nice. He’s never seen Brazil, but he wants to, so he’s good in my book.

Sean works for GLAAD. Fearing a coincidence was about to happen, I took a breath and asked if he knew Matt L., a good friend of my ex, Matt C. Well, not only did Sean know Matt L., he used to be his boss! And he had also spoken once on the phone with Matt C. about some singer they both really like (Amy Grant).

Of course, there’s more: Matt L. and Sean work with a guy named Jens. Jens is married to Emily. Emily went to high school with David in West Hartford, Connecticut.

This calls for a smiley: 8(

And did I mention I’m only two degrees separated from Kevin Bacon? It’s true.