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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 2nd, 2004

For fun, I was looking through my web stats to see who’d been visiting my site lately. I first learned that Censored Naked Man had been posted all over the place. (New homepage coming regarding this…) [Here it is: The Dangers of the Web.]

More interesting, though, is that LogoHell has been linked in a huge number of places! Design firms, design discussion sites, forums at companies, curriculums for higher learning… Over 150 hits in June alone from such links, and that was a quick count.

Holy cow! I suddenly realize I can’t abandon that page. I have to get more swooshes right away!

Um, I just watched “Food Code.”

I don’t get it.

What does it mean?

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And going by one letter is even BETTER than “McG.”

Coincidences abound in life. Some say there are no coincidences, only friends you haven’t met. I don’t don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, but when a man loves a woman they whistle while they work.

And that, dear reader, is my own homemade rant. Or rave. Take your pick. Personally, I prefer Suave to Rave.