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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 11th, 2004

I went to The Newsroom for brunch today with John, who was in town for the weekend, and his freind. We were shown to our table by a guy I met a few years ago. We dated a couple times, but then he went back to his ex. A year or so after that, I ran into him and the ex was re-exed, and this guy was single again. But I was dating. And that’s the last time I saw him until today.

Oh, but I wouldn’t be writing this if there weren’t more!

After brunch, I went bumping around Melrose and WeHo. On the way back to my car, there was the same guy, sitting in that park by The Abbey. I stopped to chat.

I am not the kind of person who believes in things happening for a pre-determined reason. I do believe that things happen and you make the reason yourself. Bumping into this guy twice in one day was not a sign of destiny, but I decided to make it a sign in the “life is wacky” kind of way. I don’t believe it means we are meant to date again or anything, just that, at the very least, I was meant to re-connect with a very nice, genuine guy.