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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 13th, 2004

OK, this IS the future. How come we aren’t all wearing formfitting, color-coded jumpsuits yet? I keep waiting for that day to come and it hasn’t yet. Could it be TV and “Logan’s Run” got it WRONG? Are we really that attached to clothes that showcase our individuality? I want jumpsuits! (With belts, even!)

Wow! Excellent! And that site has links to the Shazam! unofficial appreciation page, the Space Academy unofficial appreciation page, the Jason of Star Command unofficial appreciation page, and the Ark II unofficial appreciation page!

I’m very happy to see there’s a movie to illustrate the question I always had, even as I little kid: Why did the huge docking bay doors in Space Academy have to open so far before the tiny little shuttles could come out? I always got so bored with those endless sequences!