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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 14th, 2004

OK, I gotta mention this: I go to the (not that I don’t have work to do) and there’s a banner ad for Kotex. Yes, the sanitary napkin. (Napkin? That’s such a gross term.) The tagline?

“Kotex fits. Period.”

How depraved is that?

Continuing Steve’s thought of being freaked out by the Internet …

WeHo Mark may be correct about the quote coming from “Animaniacs.” But in my never-ending quest to find out the original source of this phrase (and not ever doubting Mark, who is someone I don’t know), I again went to Google. I entered the phrase “Love you lady bye bye” and the word “cartoon.”

And I was directed to the Wren Forum, one of only to places on the Internet, apparently, where those words appear on a single web page — in my post, naturally.

How freaky is that? It’s a cyber-Catch-22!