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I have to rant about this before I forget to do so, because I have been meaning to bitch about it for a while…

Do I hate it when people ask a question and then answer themselves? Yes. Is this annoying speech pattern too common these days? Absolutely! Do I not like it only because Donald Rumsfeld speaks this way? Absolutely not! Did it first bother me when my friend Ken spoke that way a few years ago? Certainly.

Would I prefer it if people just said a sentence instead of miring their meaning in this retarded faux interactive format? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

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J Expounded Thusly:

Do I get your point, Steve?

I dunno.

Thursday, July 15th, 2004 • 1:03pm • Permalink


Sorry, I ain't takin' no comments on this page. Deal, y'hear?