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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 18th, 2004

It’s now official. This is the longest that Jeff and I have been apart in more than three years (even when we were dating, we never went more than a few days without seeing each other). No, I take that back, *I* have been gone longer on business trips, but this is the longest that *he* has been gone.

Although I do find myself missing him an awful lot, I also am astonished at how productive solitude can be! This weekend, I have managed to get done almost my entire “to-do” list, with the exception of cleaning the dang bathrooms. Aargh. But I am proud of the fact that, with the exception of what I am wearing and he has with him, every single piece of clothing we own is clean! I also re-arranged the guest room, the master bedroom closet AND the living room. How boring a life do I lead? I won’t even tell you about the work I did on the lawn. But it was enough to exhaust me. Ready for bed!

Before Jeff decided to move down the real-estate route, we had planned to go to Florida for our almost-annual WDW trip. Even though we’ve canceled that trip, a DVD of Walt Disney World highlights came in the mail yesterday and I put it on while I did my chores. It makes me want to go again. Even though there are many places in the world that I’ve never been (and want to see), a Florida/Disney World vacation is my favorite. Yes, I’m a freak.

If you want to read about our last trip there, click on the homepage. It should put you to sleep.