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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 21st, 2004

Name the movie:

“Hang on lady — we’re going for a ride!”

I got the following e-mail at Yahoo! Personals. I’m not going to make fun of his English, because… Oh, okay, I guess posting it is making fun of it.

Hello from Russia!!!
My name is Aleksey. To me 27 years. I liked your structure and I want to get acquainted with you closer. I search long attitudes, a constancy, I want to find an output to my latent desires. If you want with me to get acquainted I shall send you the photo.

How delightful that a seeker of long attitudes is enamored with my structure!

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I am back, and am pleased to say that I was wrong! Though only partly.

In fact, the website is owned by a hardware company! So the site, really, has nothing to do with the word truth as it might be defined in the dictionary, but it is neither religious or political.

I also did a follow-up using the .org and .net versions of the address. Here are those results: is unclaimed! So hurry, folks, and grab it while it’s open!, however, is taken. And it is, with regret, that I am to inform you, that it is a site devoted to religion. It is also, really badly written, with an intriguing misuse, of commas.

That is the end of my experiment. Have a brainy day.

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I am conducting an experiment. I am going to type “” into my browser and see what happens. My postulate is this: The site will have nothing to do with truth and will instead be inhabited by something religious or political.

I’ll be back in a moment to post the results.

I wanted to post something today about the accident I saw happen on the way to work, about my stupid new obsession with RSS feeds, or about why I feel like I want to take a sabatical.

Instead, I will post this curiously honest bit of self-effacing trenchancy, which I found this evening on the underside of a beverage contest lid:

“This cap is not a winner.”