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Exit ArchiveArchive for October 11th, 2004

Monday evenings are my alone time with the dogs. Jeff is out at chorus practice, and I’m here to do laundry (yes, it’s mostly my job — yuck) and try to relax.

The last few days I’ve really, really been missing L.A. Somethin’ fierce. Life up here is so vastly different, and even though this weekend was filled with going out with friends and being social and active, I had a major bout of homesickness. Peter Cetera was right, and if you know what I mean by that, I’ll be mightily impressed (not to mention surprised at your age).

You’re lucky to be there. I’ve got tons of reasons to be lucky to be here — love my job, have a nice house, have a boyfriend who loves me, all that good stuff. In January, I’ll have been gone for two years but I can’t help but think it feels like just yesterday. Whenever you have one of those “I hate L.A.” days — and I think I had one of those years, making me open to the idea of moving away — remember what you’ve got: perfect weather (even when it’s pouring rain, that’s somehow perfect in L.A.), no lack of anything to do, amazing movie theaters and restaurants, and the option to do it all without screaming little kids everywhere you go. Plus, you get to do it all in Los Angeles, which, despite all that makes you want to hate it, is a place you just end up loving.

Heavy sigh. Back to laundry and maybe a trip to Safeway.

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Grim. I love iPods, but I would never eat cooked roaches to get a free one.

But bring on the baked potato bugs! YUM!

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I dropped my car off incredibly early today at Robertson Honda. As usual, I had to take their “Courtesy Shuttle” to work.

Coincidentally, one of the guys in the shuttle was Jodi Benson’s husband. (She is the voice–still!–of The Little Mermaid.)

I was going to say how that all came up in our conversation, but I’m so tired my eyes are snoring and my brain is as creative as a TV executive’s.

So I’ll just say that he was a nice man, and we had a good Disney chat.