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Exit ArchiveArchive for October 12th, 2004

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Tiny jacket being grown from flesh and bone tissue GROSS

Okay, one more post…

Researchers are growing a jacket–Yes, GROWING A JACKET–from living tissue, specifically mouse cells and human bone cells. Why? Because it’s cruelty-free.


I know killing animals ain’t great, but wearing a jacket grown in a lab? I can picture it heaving and throbbing on my body, glistening with moisture and, if I’m unlucky, gaining sentience and swallowing me up to feed its unnatural being.


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RetroplayerHooray for Mac people! There’s a guy in Japan who created this funny little music player app, Retroplayer, whose interface is a record on a turntable. It adds pops and crackles like on an old record and has a speed adjustment and an on/off switch. You move the tone arm to skip forward or backward on the track. It even adds that warp sound (where the music speeds up and slows down) and will randomly skip!

A preference panel allows you to alter some of these options. Since it’s all in Japanese, I’ll tell you what the control sliders do: 1 = Music Volume; 2 = Effects Volume; 3 = Warp Amount; 4 = Skip Occurrence; 5 = Pop and Crackle Amount.

I say “hooray for Mac people” because Retroplayer is clever, fun and looks great. Details, details. That’s where the Devil resides.

Go here to try it out on either OS X or OS 9. The site is also mostly in Japanese, but it’s easy to figure out.