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Exit ArchiveArchive for November 1st, 2004
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I finally put down some words in support of the nameless “liar” from Thursday. The relevance of my comments by now is questionable, especially considering they come from someone who called their friend a dickhead in public. However, since questions were asked, answers were given. I hope they are satisfactory.

The time is here. I’m very nervous, but hopeful. I have friends downtown right now making calls to undecided voters in swing states. I did not join them, and now regret it. I hate making phone calls, and I hate receiving phone calls of this kind, but every effort must be worth it.

Here are two hopefully last links before it’s over. First, a Wired story about electronic voting machines not being properly tested. Second, from David, this link to an electoral vote map that a guy has been keeping up to date using polling data.

Good luck to all of us. Let’s get this disaster of a man out of office.