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Exit ArchiveArchive for November 10th, 2004
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David has sent a link to a foul-mouthed but amusing chiding of the dependent red states. It’s called (Yes, somehow the domain name was not taken until now.) It’s chock full o’ good and interesting links to support its offensive tenor. Check those out for less acerbic reading.

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Hooray stars and stripesOn election day, I had prepared three graphics to go on my website later that night depending on the outcome of the vote. We all know which one I had to end up using.

Well, for fun, here’s the happy, the-world-is-a-great-place version, which I so desperately wanted to use! Before it goes into the trash bin, I wanted to save it here for all time.

(The third version was three question marks, in case of another 2000-type result.)

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Yes, this is what we want our country to revert to.