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I hope people realize what an amazing moment this is. I complained about Linda Harvey’s mindset. John wrote to her. She wrote back.

Now, can they both agree to disagree?

Or is one or the other of them wanting someone to change to fit their concept of reality?

Oh, I’d love thoughts on this! Please! Anyone! Everyone!

Thanks, John, for this fascinating stuff and for putting your money where, as I hear tell, your mouth is.

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Steve R., Unrepentant Expounded Thusly:

I’ve read both letters. The second bothered me less for the condemnation of homosexuals, but rather for the careless use of the word too (also) in paragraph two (the whole number between one and three) which managed to (before verb as sign of infinitive) upset me. Also for the offensive peppering of quotation marks around offending words. Ms. Harvey tosses them around like pennies into a Unicef box.

I would love to hear Ms. Harvey make her argument without using the words Jesus, god, Christianity, praise, devote, hallelujah, amen, bible, lord, Word (with capital W only), Him (with capital H only) or moist. As a confirmed athiest, her letter just does not apply to me.

Finally, I am offended by paragraph five. “Lord, I feel totally like I was made gay.” Totally? Why did she have to make it into a Southern California thing. Just had to get in one more dig at a blue state, didn’t you Ms. Harvey. Not enough to(o) condemn my sexual orientation, you had to condemn my choice of geography as well.

I will submit this to the forum now, knowing full well that my condescending attitutude is part of what perpetuates the red/blue divide, but damn it–it’s all I have left.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004 • 6:05pm • Permalink

Steve L. Expounded Thusly:

Thank goodness someone else picked up on her misuse of “too.” She must have written the letter herself because it was not polished by her editor. Who is God, BTW.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004 • 6:09pm • Permalink


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