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Exit ArchiveArchive for November 17th, 2004

The final letter from Ms. Harvey:


I will not take up a lot of your time, but I want to make a couple of key points that I hope you will seriously consider.

Everything you say is in the definitions.You’ve said you know you were born gay, so to you that’s who you are. You believe God loves you the way you are, and that you learn about Jesus and his love of tolerance, temperance, etc.

This is crucial–are you sure you are learning about the real Jesus? One of us is right and one is wrong. In my study of neopaganism, I’ve learned some very troubling things being taught in self-labeled Christian churches. The Bible is pretty much dismissed. Other paths to God are accepted. The problem with all this is that, it leads in circles of confusion, theologically.Among the many, many self-contradictory issues that this raises are, Ii we don’t turn to the Bible, how is sin defined? Your definition and mine may be totally different–even in conflict. Who then is right, if we believe in “equality”?( This is, by contrast, easily resolved if we both report to the same boss, and we turn to Scripture as our guide).

Why did the Jews so carefully preserve the Scriptures for all that time, if they aren’t worth anything, or if we can pick and choose what out of them we want to believe? And, the message in the Old and New Testaments is from the same God–His goodness and truth are in both, with a lot of consistency. They weave a pretty consistent picture taken together.

There are counterfeit spirits that masquerade as the Holy Spirit, and Scripture tells us that only God’s Word (i.e., Scripture) will keep us on track. Satan and demonic spirits can appear as “angels of light.” ( 2 Corinthians) This is what is happening in many Christian churches. Acceptance of sexual sin clearly prohibited in Scripture is a signal that an authentic gospel is probably not being taught.

I don’t know what else to say to you. But deception can seem very appealing in the short run.

Please consider this and read your Bible! It’s the only sure way to know the Lord. Your reading of Scripture will reveal to you if something is off track.

God bless you.


Oh, boy.

You’re really going to have a field day with this little item from today’s news. Enjoy learning about the Texas school system, boys and girls! [NOTE: I can not find this story archived anywhere on the CNN site. Bummer! —Ed.]