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Exit ArchiveArchive for November 20th, 2004

I sent an e-mail tonight to a recruiter from Visa telling her to take my name out of contention for a director-level job with the company in San Francisco.

It’s funny how easy it is to get fixated on something — for me, it’s that I’m not at the level or at the salary I think I should be. But after thinking about it a long time, I realized that I should be really grateful to have the job that I’m in — it’s one I love, despite the headaches it may cause, and one that I was thrilled to get. I should see it through to the end. And, really, there’s not much better than working on “Star Wars” and getting the chance to travel as much as I do. I’d love to have a bigger salary and a better title, but I suppose it’s the trade-off I make!

Sigh. Why can’t anything be easy?