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Exit ArchiveArchive for December 3rd, 2004

[NOTE: Picture has been lost inside the Interwebs and I can’t find it now. —Steve]

I’m afraid this isn’t the best picture, but I didn’t have a lot of time in London this trip. I leave tomorrow, almost exactly 48 hours after arriving.

Still, tonight after the presentation (much like your roadshows, Steve) I met my friend Rachel and we went shopping at Harrod’s. I got Jeff a couple of Christmas presents, plus a couple for the dogs. I would have bought more, but when things are literally twice as expensive here as in the states, it’s tough.

On the way to the store, we drove down Regent Street, where they have put up the Christmas lights. (They have them on Oxford Street, too, but they are horrible there — just a bunch of scaffolding with some searchlights and images of Harry Potter slapped on them.) The one and only Disney bought sponsorship of the Regent Street lights, and if you look closely in this picture, you’ll see Mr. Incredible on the left side of the main group of lights. (Baby Incredible is on the other side.) Kind of cool!

Tonight things were quite bustling and the store was a mob scene. After leaving Rachel, we went to a very expensive dinner with our marketing consultants for Europe. I had something that’s going to sound terrible but was very tasty: pig’s trotters. In other words, a stuffed pig leg. It was absolutely delicious.

I’m sorry to be leaving so quickly, but am looking forward to spending Christmas at home. Hopefully back here within the next few months …