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I cleaned out the garage today. I mean, I gave it a thorough once-over, consolidating boxes of our lives into fewer boxes, making sure we were using space frugally and intelligently.

It’s always an emotional thing to do, because you run across photos, letters, mementos, souvenirs from what almost seems to be another life.

Jeff called me a “pack rat,” and I am — but an organized one. I have thrown away maybe a dozen letters in my life; everything else, I keep. I have letters from people who aren’t in my life anymore, some from people who aren’t in the world anymore. I found photos I had forgotten about, images of places I can hardly remember visiting, things I didn’t know I had kept. I’m glad I kept them. Seeing them makes the memories more tangible.

OK, sentiment over.

On a completely different subject, I just ran across this scathing indictment of Disney’s lack of creativity — a fascinating read.

Back to the Ranch tomorrow. London was cooler. 😉

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Steve Expounded Thusly:

That’s a great bit on Disney and Pixar. I do want to point out that Disney did make some very good animated films that happened to not be hits. Treasure Planet is a very good movie, Martin Short notwithstanding.

I know for a fact that Disney has lost its edge. I don’t know if we’ll get it back, but the feeling here now–even in a booming, quality arm like Home Entertainment (don’t blame us 100% for those sequels!)–is that Disney has no idea what it’s doing. The new leader of Feature Animation is suspect. I don’t trust him to be capable of drawing a circle, much less choosing the good projects from the bad.

I dumped all my Disney stock just over a month ago. Not for this rreason, but for personal ones. But as my shares start to re-accumulate, I want Disney to succeed not just in monetary terms, but in creative terms. You can be creative and make money (PIXAR!), or you can be cheap and lousy and make money. This company needs to be the former.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 • 11:22am • Permalink


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