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Exit ArchiveArchive for February 4th, 2005

A random picture of a squirrel always gets the spirits up. This one is named Dominick and he lives in Kensington Park. At least, I think that’s his name. My squirrel is a little rusty. Dominick or Derick or something like that. So he said. He was mad to find I had no hand-outs.

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You know, I have not had any trouble with hackers since making my “security changes.” However, I feel compelled to keep adding Bait messages until the inevitable day arrives when the hackers figure out my clever ploy and start hacking again. I’d hate to keep losing posts.

This cheered me up. It’s another anti-Microsoft/pro-Mac article. I love how this guy writes! He’s about to get a lot of hate mail from Windoze losers (I beg your pardon if there’s any of you reading this), but who cares? He’s right!