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Exit ArchiveArchive for February 23rd, 2005

Wow. What a week. And it’s technically been a short one. HA! By mid-afternoon tomorrow, I’ll have exceeded 40 hours already, and I’ve got a long Friday ahead.

Am I complaining? Yes, I guess I am. I’m trying to generate publicity for a major film in 15 territories directly, plus I’m indirectly managing activities in another 45 countries. The good news is that it’s paid off — one of our goals was to generate early positive buzz, and it’s been working. You can see a couple of examples here, here and here. (To facilitate easy viewing of the latter, I’ve also added the picture to this post.)

There’s also been a rumor floating around that we’re “opening” Cannes. While I can flatly deny that, I can tell you that Cannes has been taking up a lot of my life, as well as a special little something we’ve got planned in London.

The good news: It’s all in service of a good movie. It’s the movie everyone wanted and hoped The Phantom Menace to be. As for whether Jar-Jar Binks returns … you will have to wait until May 19.

Now, some much-needed sleep.