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Exit ArchiveArchive for March 10th, 2005
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Well, you will not believe this! I could not bury this coincidence in the comments area of my previous post on the new highway font.

I got an email from a software company that makes a cool little Mac utility called You Control: Fonts. (It puts a WYSIWYG font menu in the menu bar for use in most running apps. In case you’re interested.)

Here’s what they say:

If you’re like us, you look forward to every March. Sure, it’s the start of Spring and the flowers are starting to bloom and trees are getting their leaves back. But wouldn’t you rather be sitting on the couch or driving to an arena to watch some fantastic NCAA College hoops? If you happen to be out on a road trip to catch some games, keep your eyes peeled for a new typeface that has been Federally approved for traffic control devices called Clearview.

As a serious font user, you already know the power that a typeface like Clearview can have on a project. And choosing the right font has never been easier than with You Control: Fonts. Combine customizable WYSIWYG previews, grouping by font family and the ability to set hot keys for individual typefaces so you can set them on the fly to your text and you get a great product that has been recognized by Mac Design magazine and by Macworld magazine as a superb value.

So while the NCAA Tourny hasn’t started quite yet, our March Madness has with a limited time offer to get You Control: Fonts for only $9.95! That leaves you with $20 extra to put in your office NCAA Tourny Pool. But hurry, our Madness won’t last forever.

I imagine some guy at the You Software offices (a coffee house in Seattle, perhaps?) somehow running into my post here (through the magic of happenstance), looking up my name to see that I’d already paid full price for the software (though Uncle Walt reimbursed me), found another tidbit somewhere that I could give a flying hoo-ha about anything the NCAA does (though I don’t hate sports so much as I tell people I do), and wrote this little mail just for me to tick me off.

But, of course, I flatter myself. And I like the app. And coincidences. I’m all a-twitter over this!

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Yes, it’s time to post something political. The Social Security thing is starting to rankle me. Well, I mean, it was already rankling me, but I’m just getting ranklier and ranklier that our dumb-ass president can continue to lie to everyone and get away with it. He’s a monster, a liar, and a dickwad.

Yes, George, you are a dickwad!

Please take a moment to read this speech by our lovely senator, Barbara Boxer, who I am begining to like more and more as she stands up to this dickwad administration.

Who in their right minds can think that privatizing Social Security is any good? You’d have to take Security out of the name. But as Madame Boxer says, it is in fact the goal of these dickwads to get rid of Social Security altogether. Yes, what a splend idea!

They have no intention of “fixing” it. They hate it. They want it gone. Because they are rich and could care less about anyone but themselves. Gosh, what dickwads.

Ooooooo! Even my rankles have rankles!

Another plus to owning a camera phone: Surprises!

I was at a Disney warehouse yesterday picking up some of our gear from Orlando when what should I discover but this lonely little car. It was sitting next to some unused furniture of some kind. Though it&mdashhe, actually—looks dirty, that is, in fact, mostly movie fakery. Tea stains or shoe polish or some such Hollywood magic.

This is the Herbie from the new movie, so don’t get too excited. Herbie Fully Loaded. Yes, I know. Somehow that’s considered a family-friendly title. And yes, he did get to have Lindsay Lohan’s butt on his seat, but that’s not quite the same thing as having Brad Pitt’s butt on your… on your… Well, on your anything, really.

How bizarre is it when someone you went to high school with ends up in prison for having sex with a minor? Pretty bizarre. Kevin was always kinda rowdy but a fun guy.

Man, what a weird fate.