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Exit ArchiveArchive for March 28th, 2005
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So I finished this project at work today that was kind of fun. I had to do “announcery” V/O tracks for a presentation this Thursday. The material I got to work with was okay, but the most fun was when I decided, during the walk-out music, that I should just keep talking and talking while people left the room. I just yammered on and it was lots of fun. Then I thought, “Why not put it online for people to hear?”

Why not indeed?

Click here to listen to the wackiness. (Some tidbits, such as “Mr. Big Voice” and repossessing cars and “powers,” are in-jokes from the rest of the V/Os.)

First off, even I don’t know the answer on that one, Steve. I think it’s B.

Speaking of Darth Vader, we were down in Sydney last week, as you know, and the capper of the trip was climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. OK, now, before you start passing judgment, the outfits are not pink.

The climb was pretty amazing. The bridge is 140 meters (440 feet) tall, which, to put it in perspective, is slightly taller than the Tower building. You climb via a series of stairs and ladders, and those are pretty damned scary, especially as you make the transition from one 24-step ladder to the next, which is two feet to the left … with nothing in between each ladder. Yes, you’ve got a safety line the entire time, but that doesn’t seem to help the senses much.

I’m really fortunate to have done the climb. As someone who doesn’t do a lot of “extreme” types of things, it was a real rush, and made me interested in doing some more!

Now, alas, it’s back to work. Just six more weeks … !