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Exit ArchiveArchive for March 30th, 2005

Okay, so once again my wireless went wonky, and I can not get back into iChat. What is this, Windows? [LATER: It was AOL’s fault, not iChat’s. Ha!]

So with all that plus Ben & Jerry’s closing, I thought I’d post this distracting pic I found online. One of the Mac sites I read (via RSS, thank you very much!) said this iPod Pose contest was being held by a frat/sorority coalition (or whatever the lingo is), and you could go online and vote.

Most of the pics were very lame. But this one wasn’t. So I voted for it, then, like a corrupt election official, absconded with it for personal gain. And now here it is to soothe any tormented, ice-creamless soul. (You can, of course, click on the pic to see it larger in size. Of course. Because you want to.)

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Last night, a sad but expected thing came to my attention. The Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop near me has closed.

I knew this would happen because Cold Stone Creamery opened up on the same block. Just like Starbuck’s does with smaller coffee shops, I have noticed Cold Stone doing this to Ben & Jerry’s shops. I could tell B&J’s was in trouble when Cold Stone would often be packed while the Scoop Shop would be empty.

I did my part, of course. I ended up boycotting the Cold Stone and going to the Ben & Jerry’s instead. I didn’t go often, but when I was in the mood for a walk and a scoop, I’d head on up and plunk down my moolah. Voting with dollars; that’s all America understands.

So now the shop is closed, and I am sad. Ben & Jerry’s is a good company. (Even though they are now owned by a giant conglomerate, B&J’s has managed to keep to their good business practices, as far as I can tell.)

I don’t hate change or progress. I hate when a good thing goes away.