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Exit ArchiveArchive for April 21st, 2005


Two guys from the IT dept. here on 16 came by asking for help. Seems one of them found a worm in his Hershey bar. Make that some worms.

Being the A/V geek, they wanted me to get proof of their existence. So I pulled out the handy digital camera and got two shots and a little movie of the biggest worm crawling around. Grim.

It was a Hershy’s with almonds, and the hole in one of the almonds must have been the little guys’ home. They must have thought it was the end of the world when their little nut suddenly got chomped. Poor fellas!

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Well, that’s it. France LIVE! is finished. Oh, except for the tweaks I plan to make. It needs a once-over to fix spelling errors and factual problems. But it’s done!

I think I went overboard this time, writing way too much. But hey, it’s my webspace, I guess. Why not post something I’ll remember forever? Until nuclear destruction wipes out everything electronic? In that case, we’ll all be too busy scrounging for food amongst the ruins of civilization to much care what kind of pastry I ate in Paris.

Hoo ha! Well, thank to anyone who read it. I had fun doing it!

My God, this is funny. Not 100%, but enough to crack me up several times.

It’s an alternate Episode III trailer!