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Stevo. I loved the France diary, mon frere. However, I am severely disappointed that there were no entries regarding hot, French, man-on-man action with accompanying pics. Since it was a Disney trip, I just assumed there would be some homo-erectus encounters. Oh well. It was still lovely to live vicariously through thee.


Little Ol' Innocent Steve Expounded Thusly:

Thank you shmammy shmam shmam! Who’s to say there were no steamy encounters with French hotties? (There weren’t.) Had there been (and there weren’t), I could very well not have put the exploits (of which there were none) up there for my mom to see!

Yes, my mom was reading. She’s such a fan! Probably would not have been a fan of reading any explicit tales (which never happened) of wild sexual exploits (like the ones I did not have) in France.

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