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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 3rd, 2005

I was out sick yesterday, and got incredibly bored for a while. So I spent some time working on the new Wren Forum. Holy cow, it’s gonna take a while. I’m using WordPress, and while out-of-the-box it’s all good to go, I of course want the Wren Forum to look like The Wren Forum, not like some template someone else came up with.

I’ll be excited when I can get the new Forum up because it will be more secure, and it will allow Trackback and Permalinks, which you can’t do now. It also has an integrated search feature, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Isn’t progress amazing?

On that note, there’s an article today about the Newton, Apple’s PDA from the early ’90s. There’s a movie included that shows a concept of a Knowledge Navigator. There’s no date mentioned, but it sounds like the video was made in the late ’80s.

Take a look at the video here (it’s a QuickTime movie).

Sure, we aren’t there yet, and it’s kind of amusing how the concept of cell phones and more portable devices like the Palm (or even the Newton itself) change this vision, but there are some thing that we can already do. iChat video conferencing is about as good as what you see in the video, and there are some voice-activated “helpers” available for cell phones that make voice dialing and message retrieval possible. In fact, simply having my Mac in front of me with iChat, e-mail synced from work to home, and the Internet, I feel like I can already do amazing things without leaving my chair.

Now the voice control thing would be great. Macs can use voice control standard, but of course it’s very limited. The day I can say, “Little Tigger, find out where I can get a discount on Oakley sunglasses, physical store, and then bring up my draft e-mail about Sven’s b-day plans. Oh, and play that song by Coldplay I like from Garden State. Thanks!” will be the day we have made it.

If you want to see the whole Newton article, it’s here.