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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 16th, 2005

On a lighter note, this. Screen shots from a bootleg of Episode III, translated to Chinese (Mandarin?) and then back to Engrish. Very funny!

So the autopsy results for Terri Schiavo were released yesterday. While there is no way to conclusively prove that she was in a “persistent vegitative state,” all the evidence shows that she most likely was. The coroner found that she was NOT able to be improved with therapy. She was NOT abused. She could NOT have responded consciously to external stimuli. She did NOT have any cognitive abilities. And she was blind on top of it all.

It’s disturbing and depressing that so many so-called “moral” people got into this debate and made others believe they had some kind of proof or knowledge that demonstrated without a doubt that Terri was okay and could be brought back with therapy. The only reason these people did this was to try to support a “moral” agenda. They didn’t care about Terri any more than they care about the Iraqi citizens we’ve killed over in Iraq. (ASIDE: The U.S. has killed more Iraqi civilians than insurgents.)

It makes me sick, too, when people will not accept this kind of scientific result. Her brain was half the size it should have been. The coroner said every region of the brain had damage, and nothing could bring those neurons back. Yet, as is common with the ignorant cusses emboldened by the current leadership of our country, belief comes before fact. These people would still argue the world is flat if it were a “moral” issue.

(I’m tired of having to put “moral” in quotes. The word and its meaning have been hijacked.)

Bush’s spokesman Scott McLiar said that Bush stands by his decision to intervene in the case. “The president took the position he did for a reason: He believes we should stand on the side of defending and protecting life.” What a fucking hypocrite. Really, how can a man who has sent thousands of U.S. troops to die for no good reason, and who wholeheartedly supports the state-sponsored execution of criminals, say such a thing? He says it because it sounds good and people want to believe he stands for that.

It’s evil and disgusting. Again, it makes me sick.

Here are some links on the autopsy results, if you are so inclined to read them.

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