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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 20th, 2005

Some fun words from Penny Arcade (Back on April 27th):

Gabriel has been largely inconsolable since he heard about this new Star Wars television series. I told him because I thought it would make him happy, but he’s so accustomed to the current Star Wars dosage schedule that he has no mechanism with which to grapple this bounty. I think he’s mostly afraid that the realities of television will creep in at the edges of that revered context.

The “property” still resonates with me, but the period where it was sacrosanct has been over for a while. The depredations it has faced at the hands of its rightful owner have been so pronounced that I can’t imagine what greater horrors Gabriel imagines await the televised iteration. George Lucas didn’t just announce one series, though – he announced two. There is another.

The whole post is here, and the relevant comic is here. The best commentary, however, is here.