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Exit ArchiveArchive for June 28th, 2005

On another note:

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope is one of four finalists in’s Best Film of All Time poll. The “Movie Madness” tournament began with 64 movies, and now the finalists are: The Godfather, The Sound of Music, Schindler’s List, and 1977’s Star Wars. There are two weeks left to vote at Movie Madness website.


I just started a pretty good rant, then moved off of the page while I was still writing — only to discover my original text had disappeared into the ethernet.

Anyway …

I’m facing a bit of a dilemma. Well, not a dilemma, exactly, but I’m at a crossroads. Well, sort of. At least, I can see the crossroads ahead and would like to know what to do once I get there. Or something like that.

I got a promotion yesterday. I’m now “director of international publicity.” It came with a raise. A nice one — to the tune of 34%. Plus a bonus — not a shabby one. When I got home, Jeff’s reaction was the same as mine: Happiness quickly gave way to a realization. This changes things.

Or it could, at least.

We’ve been angling to get back home to L.A. I’m hoping that the job I interviewed for will still come through. It would be a very, very good job — at an exciting place. Up here, my boss doesn’t know I’ve been looking. Otherwise, I never would have gotten what I got. Down there, they know I told them I’m dissatisfied with my title and my salary. Now, I’m not. But I’d still be very, very interested in moving. VERY interested.

On the other hand, we’re about to move into the Letterman Digital Arts Center at the Presidio. When we do, ILM and Lucasfilm’s publicity functions will merge, and potentially I could have more to do by overseeing publicity at ILM. That means the work would get more interesting, as I’d help them publicize their work on shows like The Poseidon Adventure remake and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

On the other hand, it means I’d have to stay up here longer. And I don’t know if we can do that. We could move, but that might just be putting lipstick on the pig.

Then, the question arises: Do I tell the potential new employer about this change in my salary? The salary range we had discussed still is applicable — but just barely. I had been so dissatisfied with my salary here, that I lowballed them. Now, I’m at the very low end of the range I discussed with them, and I already have the director title. It doesn’t change anything, but could potentially make it more interesting.

At any rate, that’s what’s on my mind now. That, and going to Japan and staying in the Park Hyatt. We leave on Sunday!