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Exit ArchiveArchive for September 14th, 2005

Guess what came today? My new little toy! It certainly does not replace Steve’s Music-A-Go-Go, my 20G iPod. Rather, Steve’s Music Chiclet will be a side ‘Pod, where I can tote my new music, favorite songs, and podcasts with greater ease for quick jaunts in the car or to the beach or whatnot.

And to think I almost got a Shuffle! Thank God I was patient this time, though the patience vanished like wilderness under the watch of an oil-based President, for as soon as I saw the Nano, I ordered it.

A couple more pics to follow. Click them all to see them bigger. These are all from my phone, BTW, which is why they SUCK MAJOR ASS.

Beautifully packaged, of course. And the two ‘Pods got along just fine.

It is truly a tiny, beautiful marvel. I want to eat it. Thus its name.

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Okay folks, hold on to your hats: It’s the radio toaster!