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So I’m sitting here checking out Steve’s shiny new forum blog site thingy, while at the same time watching Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show. My initial assessment… good job Steve, bad job Martha.

Let’s face it, people watch the Apprentice with Donald Trump because it has a sense of corporate culture. There’s a cutthroat sort of business vibe behind it all. Martha’s show… well, it’s kinda like home economics taken too seriously. It doesn’t have a business slant in the same sense as The Donald’s show, and I can’t see any business minded people really digging it. The demographic seems to be women who shop at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I could be wrong… but I seriously feel it’s trying to be way too dramatic about foofy things. Last I checked, the ratings seemed to support this critique.

Anyways… great job with all the work Steve. You have become a coding master!

Say hello to LA for me. Go ‘SC!!
– rob

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Steve Expounded Thusly:

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rob!

This is exciting. A brand new post from a brand new Wren Writer. ALREADY! And it’s good to see your first post taking the Wren Forum tone right off the bat. Hoorah!

Well, thanks for the compliments. Truth be told, my coding skillz ain’t mad. Really, if a true coder were to look at this, she’d blanch in seething anger. But it seems to work (except on older browsers!), and that’s what counts.

As for Martha, you know, I think I’m going to go home and watch Lost. No sense of corporate culture there—unless you count killing fresh meat to roast over a fire non-corporate. I would love to see one of our A-West Home Ec teachers do some kind of show. That is something I would watch!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 • 8:17pm • Permalink


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