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Exit ArchiveArchive for October 13th, 2005

Hello friends. I’ve been working on fine-tuning the Forum, and I simply had to point out a couple of the new improvements.

Check Your Spelling! You can now check your spelling in the Write Posts area. How groovy is that? (I used it just now, in fact.) I have not found a good spelling checker to use while writing comments, but the checker will work when editing comments.

Recent Posts! A list of the most recent posts is now in the sidebar so your brilliant rant will still be easily accessible, even when pushed down the page by useless posts like this one.

Comments Links Go to Comments! Clicking Comments in the header of a post brought you to the post’s page, but not to the comments on that page. This is now fixed. I hear cheering from many lands.

Modifications Noted! Now, if a post is changed after a certain time from the original posting (currently set to 6 hours), an Updated date shows up at the bottom, to the right. It’s beautiful. (This snazzy feature can not be added to comments due to a limitation in WordPress.)

Advanced Photo Tips! In the Adding Pictures to Posts page, there’s new info on how to create padding between the picture and text, and how to make a thumbnail picture open the full-res photo in a separate browser window. WARNING: Contains jargon!

Now Smoother and Creamier! Using a new blend of emulsifiers, The Wren Forum is now 60% creamier than before, with less chunks and lumps. Throw those forks away!

Hybrid Motorcycle

I am, by no means, a fan of motorcycles. They scare the living bejesus out of me. However, if I had to ride one, it would be this: The Yamaha Gen-Ryu Hybrid prototype. Yes, it’s a prototype, but I’d drive it anyway. Even if the knobs were just glued on. I think I love it because it’s an attractive balance of retro futuristic and futuristic retro.