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Exit ArchiveArchive for October 17th, 2005

On a dark and gloomy day, some pictures of color. (Yes, I know what that sounds like. But I’m not changing it. I’m too lazy today. It’s much simpler to write a parenthetical aside than to go back and re-word the sentence.)

Burbank Rainbow

The only thing I can think to say about this is, “This was the scene today as a three-mile-long swath of banded light fell from the sky, killing 468 people and injuring thousands.”

My Grim Lunch

And the one thing I have to ask about this is, “Why?” As in, “Why even bother putting any vegetables in there at all?”

Now Less Horrible Tasting!

So much more than one thing to say, but I’ll limit it to two: “Yes, I recall last week before these came out that Doritos were much crappier tasting.” And: “Apparently, the better flavor was achieved through some miracle of electricity!”

Any comments on the unpalatability of my lunch may be sent care of this website.