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Exit ArchiveArchive for December 19th, 2005

Mountain Dew Mutant Strain

Carol brought this to me today. It was in a batch of sodas at a meeting supplied by Disney catering. How it got to Disney, how it got to catering, and how catering managed to include it is beyond us all.

The label says, in its entirety, minus the boring parts, “Test Product Only. Not for Resale. Mountain Dew X, Variant No. 516 + Power Pack.” I believe this product must have ended up being Mountain Dew MDX, since it’s mostly the same ingredient list and nutrition fact content. Though instead of the first ingredient being carbonated water, as in MDX, Variant No. 516’s first ingredient is “treated water.” Yummy!

If I decide not to save it to sell on Ebay to earn enough to buy myself a life on unwarranted leisure, I will drink it, and then I shall let you all know how it tastes.